Sunday, March 7, 2010

Long Week

This week seemed like a really long week for some reason. That doesn't mean it was a bad week though.

Something of note is that I tried a new sport called dragon boating this week. My friend Andrew had joined a week prior and thought I might enjoy it. I didn't really know what to expect for my first time, but thought it would be more like rowing. A more accurate description would be group canoeing due to the way you paddle the boat (1 oar, to the side of the boat in a canoe-like stroke). I enjoyed the new activity as well as the people who were on the boat with me, so I think I may try becoming a full member of the team (called Abu Dhabi Mar) and take part in some races in the next few months.

High point of the week: Dinner party/game night on Friday afternoon. Jeff, Danielle, Andrew, and I went over to a friend's place, ate lots of really good food and cake, and played some fun games (including a 4 hour game of Monopoly).

Low point of the week: Having to show some tough love with my 2nd graders on Thursday afternoon. I think we were all a bit tired by the end of the week, but some of them were trying my patience a bit too much and I had to put my foot down pretty hard with a few students.

School update: As mentioned, long week. But it was a fairly productive week. We are doing a unit on plants in 2nd grade so we planted some flower seeds in cups (classic activity, always fun). The students are really excited to see the plants grow, so hopefully they won't disappoint.

Running update: Had a pretty good week of running, as knee pain wasn't as noticeable throughout the week. I got in just short of 70 miles in 5 runs, capping off my week with a 30-miler on Saturday morning. Probably the toughest run I've ever been on mentally, but it felt really good to complete it. Best of all, I wasn't limping around for the rest of the day like I usually have to after a longer run.

Until next week,



  1. "Dragon boating" sounds like it should involve more ramming into and sinking of your opponents, rather than just racing them! It does sound like fun, though. I'm impressed with your 30 long did it take you?

  2. Did your boat breathe fire? Did you have to save a princess from a laire?

    I wish I could run 30 miles. I bet I haven't run 30 miles collectively in my whole life.

    What'd your second graders do to test your patience? And what'd you do that was "coming down on them hard"?




  3. Hey Kiddo,

    We are loving your blogs--so happy you are doing this again! The Dragon Boating sounds adventurous and I hope you feel better and are able to do this again next week. Did you go shopping for games? What game did you buy? It is really hard to do the tough love thing, but sometimes is necessary. I know your students end up respecting you more--most of them do like the discipline. How are your plants doing? Hopefully your students are more successful than Andrea was this summer! 8-) I do not know what to say about your running--you continue to amaze me with your spirit and determination. Just be careful with the knees! We are sure missing you and counting the days until you will be home. Just four more months! We love you so much!


    P.S. Please tell Jeff, Danielle, and Audrey I said hello!

  4. David, I think a nice touch to the dragon boats would be flame throwers of some sort at the front of the boats, thus making them more dragon-like. I would also accept flaming arrows in case the competition gets too far ahead. Or battle axes. Just because.

    The run took about 4 1/2 hours. I've got a 50k (31 miles) race coming up in April and I'd ideally like to finish right around 4 hours (7:45 pace), but I have never run that long of a race before so I really don't know what to expect.

    And Andrea--I bet you have run farther than you think you have in your life. Just in school PE classes throughout your life I bet you've run close to that.