Tuesday, March 23, 2010

For some reason this past week seemed very busy, like one of those weeks when you always feel like you're one step behind. Thing is, I really didn't do anything this week. Go figure.

High of the week: My 1st and 2nd grade classes are currently working on a theatrical production of the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar (it's a very short play). On Wednesday, we spent a good portion our school day making props and designing our "costumes" for the play. I thought managing 30 boys working on different little projects simultaneously going to be kind of chaotic and stressful, but it was actually a lot of fun getting down on the floor with them and getting our hands dirty with markers and paint and glue.

Runner up: The beer garden we went to on Thursday night had a mechanical bull, and since I am from the midwest and apparently all people from the midwest should be awesome at riding mechanical bulls, everybody expected me to put on a big show. In actuality, I've only been on one once before so I was actually kinda nervous that I was going to be really bad. Turns out I was actually better than anybody else there (I got plenty of challenges), so maybe there is some truth to the midwest--mechanical bull connection.

Low of the week: I honestly can't think of a low for this past week at the moment. Maybe only getting 6.5 hours of sleep on Wednesday night and feeling a bit groggy on Thursday morning? Guess this week was alright.

School update: In addition to working on our play, I feel like my kids have made a lot of strides academically this week, especially in math. My 2nd graders are multiplying numbers left and right, and my 1st graders are really starting to get a good grasp on addition and subtraction. Hopefully the trend continues through the rest of the year!

Running update: Had a pretty good week this week, despite the rising temperatures (temps in the high 80s or even 90s just about every time I ran). I ended up totaling 65 miles, capping off the week with a tough 23 miler on a hot, 93-degree day (heat index was close to 100). With my big spring race approaching, I figure I'll start tapering my training this week.

Until next week,



  1. That's SO funny about the bull. When you come home we can practice at PBR!

  2. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 4 times in one night, right? That's too much bull-riding. I've never done it--I wish I was as ...drunk... as you!

    Love, your sister!!!

  3. Actually, it seems like you did a lot this past week, but no doubt the mechanical bull must have been the highlight! When is your student's big performance? Surely all of your past experience on the stage is helping you prepare for this fun production! You seem to have made great strides with your boys in many areas. I thought of you a lot this past week, especially when it was snowing (AGAIN) and I knew you were enjoying nice, warm weather even if it did make you a tad uncomfortable when you ran! Hope you are having another great week and enjoy the upcoming weekend! I love you!